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Legal Help With Maryland Divorce And Child Custody Cases

Most of the time, we know what we can expect from you day to day. We feel we have control over the important aspects of our lives. But all of this changes when we begin the process of a divorce.

During the divorce, we lose some of our control. We must reach important decisions with a person we are not on good terms with, at a time when we are feeling anxious, confused, angry or hurt.

This is when an experienced, compassionate divorce lawyer will be most valuable. Whether you are seeking an amicable, uncontested divorce with a negotiated separation agreement, or you anticipate a difficult fight in family court, you will find the help you need at my Bowie, Maryland, law office.

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I am divorce attorney Josephine Lynch, and I have been helping my clients find a resolution to their family law issues for over 30 years. In that time, I have handled a wide range of situations, including difficult cases involving family violence. You can trust my experience to guide you through the process.

Separation Agreements And Divorce In Maryland

When possible, I help my clients resolve the differences they have with their former partner through negotiation or participation in mediation. Resolving questions of marital property division, spousal support and even child custody and parenting plans without going to court will save you time and money. Negotiation and mediation can also give you more control over the ultimate outcome of your separation and divorce agreement and help you develop or maintain a good working relationship with your ex-spouse, which will be helpful in the years to come.

However, not every divorce can be resolved amicably, and mediation is not a good choice for everyone. When your case needs to go to court, you will find I am a persistent and dedicated advocate for you, protecting your rights in marital property division and parental rights. My reputation for aggressive representation has allowed me to build a successful practice through client referrals.

Access To Expert Resources

Whether we are working on a negotiated agreement or preparing to take your case to family court, I can access the expert resources we may need to support your case. I regularly work with financial experts for the valuation of shared businesses, intellectual property, 401(k) or pension plans and other complex marital assets. The court may appoint a child custody mediator to work with both parents and Child custody decisions are most often arrived at through mediation.

Modification Of Child Custody And Child Support Orders

Child custody and support will be decided at the time of the divorce, but it is common that a parent will need to request a modification of a court order at some point in the future when circumstances change:

  • An increase or decrease in income
  • The changing needs of a child with daycare, education or medical expenses
  • The need for a parent to move away to another town or state

These are all common reasons to request a modification of a court order for support or child custody. I can assist you in bringing your case for a modification to court. Contact Law Offices of Josephine A. Lynch, P.A., to schedule an initial consultation.